Motor City Alliance

Pace Teams

Just like a pace car that guides racers along a track, our Pace Teams will guide you through the season…


To take remote help to the next level, we’ve developed The Motor City Alliance Pace Team initiative. Experienced veteran teams and mentors will work one-on-one with you throughout the season, or to get through a difficult process. Pace Team guidance ranges from helping you breakdown the game, making a timeline for your team, analyzing a difficult programming issue to reviewing an award submission. The depth of involvement will meet your team’s specific needs!

Are you a team in need of a veteran team or mentor guidance? Sign up and we’ll connect you!

  • Wondering how to get started?
  • Struggling to get your autonomous routine working?
  • First time submitting for an award and looking for guidance?
  • Struggling to engage students?​

Request a Pace Team and we will get you started on the Track to Success!

Are you an experienced team that wants to become a Motor City Alliance Partner?

Becoming a Pace Team to assist teams is the best way to start!

Being a Pace Team is a great way to get mentoring experience and to give back to the FIRST community.

Anyone can become a Pace Team, whether you’re a FIRST Team, Company or Organization, or even an Individual!